Local Content

SEAL ENERGY is committed to the provision of quality indigenous services to the Nigerian energy sector.

SEAL recognizes the long-term value of Nigerian content and as such maintains an indigenous recruitment and development policy designed to attract and develop the best qualified and most motivated Nigerian staff.

The Company operates an organizational approach that emphasizes responsiveness to the Oil and Gas Industry while achieving progressively greater local capability and capacity, stepping towards self-sufficiency, with required expatriate augmentation in the future.

We are committed to optimizing Local Content in the execution of projects while maintaining the local and international safety records and global standards.


Seal Local Content policy forms the corner stone for our agreements with foreign, local and sub- contractors. The policy is applicable but not limited to the following areas:

Host Communities

As part of our local content development, we engage youths and women from our host communities for all projects as a deliberate policy to develop sustainable skills in our host community and promote social -economic growth.

Seal believes in a participatory, continuous improvement and development approach to working with our host communities. Our host communities are partners in our decision making, planning and execution phases of local jobs to ensure full compliance with the local content policies and act.

Seal social investments are approved by corporate after intense needs analysis of chosen host community. Implementation of projects and donations are done jointly with community stakeholders for full transparency.


Encourages the use of goods from local manufacturing companies where Nigerians have majority shareholding where applicable but will not compromise on quality and cost.


We make conscious effort to give preferences to locally manufactured materials, and equipment as long as their quality, price and timely delivery are competitive.


We consciously engage competent Nigerian professionals and graduates from various fields and uses them for the provision of various manpower services in the oil and gas industry


We strive to use competent local subcontractors for construction jobs except where the job is beyond local capabilities. Under that circumstance, our workers will work side by side with any of our approved foreign partners. It is also our policy to source for construction materials locally. This would help stimulate our local construction companies and reduce foreign dominance.


We utilizes Nigerian Banks, Insurance firms and other financial institutions in the financing of projects